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Roe vs. Wade and the Deceitfulness of My Own Heart

This is not a political post, it’s a spiritual one.

Because this week’s news and the outrage it’s caused has highlighted one thing with great clarity – every single one of us has a sinful nature that is capable of justifying ANYTHING. And not only justifying it, but truly believe we are doing what’s right. What struck me most about this photo is not just what’s on the sign, but the smiles on the faces of those holding it. The deceitfulness of sin is not just alive in them, it’s fully alive in all of us apart from God’s grace.

This week, I’ve been sobered by the reality that apart from Christ, my heart is capable of killing another living being and calling it a right.

It’s not only grieved me as it should all of us, it’s given me deep gratitude for God’s grace to save me from myself.

You and I don’t deserve it anymore than the next person, so this should not lead us to puffed chests and an attitude of superiority, it should put us on our faces in gratitude for his grace and mercy toward us to open our blind eyes. And it should lead us to grieve, pray, and plead for the hearts of everyone who calls evil good and good evil. It should lead us to show the love of Christ and the forgiveness he offers. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.”

Friends, even as Christians, our hearts are deceitful and sins easily justified. May our spirits be stirred in light of these events to not only pray for the wisdom of those in power, the lives of babies, and the hearts of mothers, but for God to examine our own hearts and to lead us in paths of righteousness for his name sake.

Eternity is at stake.

Lord have mercy,


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5 thoughts on “Roe vs. Wade and the Deceitfulness of My Own Heart”

  1. Maybe those smiles aren’t what they seem


    My pastor handed me your new book Tears and Tossings this past week. I opened it this morning and started reading. With tears in my eyes I was curious about you and went to this blog. Scrolling through I saw this post and felt compelled to add my thoughts as I’ve wrestled with this topic for 30 + years.
    Our pastor mentioned Roe vs Wade the Sunday after and prayed a long prayer about it. And for me though I’ve never had an abortion there were some dark days during my abusive marriage that I secretly desire a ‘quick out’ to a situation I didn’t think I had any strength to handle with 2 other toddlers under my care.
    I agree with your thoughts that ‘But God’ and his grace, I could have gone there.- That my heart is bent to evil and selfishness and is deceived. But as I’ve walked with many of my sisters who have gone through with an abortion (willing and not willing) the other side of this sad deception is the very poor response and care from the Church (and by this I mean believers who make that body) for these very sisters.
    I heard someone say the other day ‘Jesus lead with His heart and grace and not with the Law’ .
    And I was so struck by this comment!! And I reflect through the Bible that Jesus did do this especially with His and encounters with Women in the Bible. Not to minimalize our responsibility for our own actions and sin but so many sisters have been deceived, left with no resources, abandoned by the men responsible as well, and frankly even pushed into abortions by their families.
    These sisters are broken, shamed, and in pain but hiding in our ranks! As we insensitively wave are pro life banners and celebrate sanctity of life Sundays, we further beat our sisters down and they shrink into the pews or frankly walk out the doors never to return. Remember that those precious babies are loved and in heaven with their heavenly father. But our sisters are left struggling with their shame, silently suffering in our pews while we hit them over the head with the law instead of approaching them with love and grace. It’s time that the church (meaning Christian’s) stop being Pharisees and start leading like Jesus did with his heart and with grace and help his sisters heal. We are first Christians and I agree with you this shouldn’t be a political issue for us but an opportunity to care for the broken hearted! But sadly we often lead with the Law (both biblical and political).
    Thankfully there are programs now for post abortive care but unfortunately the shame is so great many women don’t take a vantage of it. My sisters who enter these programs have experienced healing and it’s beautiful to see!

    So those smiles you see in that photo might not be what you think….but like Jesus let’s lead with love and grace and not with the Law.



    1. Hi Kim,

      So glad you got Tears and Tossings and found my page. And thank you for your thoughts. This is a very brief post that is definitely not exhaustive, so I agree with you, but when this was written it was in response to how many were flaunting abortion as a win for women, which broke my heart for the exact reasons you said. And I do believe these smiles are evidence of that more than a more positive spin but I’m certainly not indicating that there are not layers upon layers to this issue. I have also written and article about sufferers, saints, and sinners, which is written off of a book that I’ve found so helpful in thinking about how we view all people – not by their actions – but by the fact that they are a soul, and sufferer, and a sinner. We can’t separate them without doing a disservice. Yet, we live in an culture that many celebrate sin as a right, nonetheless, and regardless of how badly certain Christian’s handle these issues, that truth still needs to be said – even if there are other nuances that are true as well. And in the end, we’re all capable of being blinded and suffering the cost of it in the end, which is the heart behind what I wrote – somewhat for the same reasons you stated. And in the end, we’re all still in need of learning and growing to see people through the eyes of Christ – who showed both righteous anger in the face of evil and sin, and compassion and grace as well.

      Anyway, thanks for your thoughts and I hope you enjoy the book!


      1. Sarah,

        Thanks for responding. There is nothing you’ve said that I didn’t disagree with. My point is just to high light and hopefully challenge my fellow believers that the Evangelical culture over the past 50 years has the volume cranked to Law.
        And it’s time to dial back and deal with the broken. To lead with Jesus’ heart and mercy. We know when we sin. We don’t need anyone to tell us that even if we won’t admit it. But even God in Genesis after Cain kills Abel, he leads with compassion when he deals with Cain. He comes to Cain asking a question first- Not “Cain you are a sinner”! Right?
        And because God is God he next pronounces the punishment for Cain’s sin, but then God shows Cain compassion!
        Cain is overwhelmed with what he’s done and the magnitude of his punishment- ‘driven away from your face…and I’ll be killed’ And what is God’s response? “Not so!” And there is an exclamation point.
        And God sets his mark on Cain to protect him.
        Ok I could on and on. But I lived in the ‘pretend to be full of love and grace’ Evangelical camp for 40 years but in truth it was all about the Law and the really ‘bad ‘ sins. God has recently open my eyes that that’s not how he operates. And He’s the judge not me. And I don’t want to smooth over sin and ignore it but my eyes better be firmly planted on my sin and not my sisters. They know. And my response should be one of love, mercy and compassion. They know what they’ve done just like I know my sin.
        But the evangelical culture is not a friendly place for the sinners and the broken-hearted often times. Especially our sisters who’s have been deceived into abortion.

        That’s my point.

        The other message you’re referring to is very clearly out there and WELL known by the world we live in….sadly in the way the it Throws Law in peoples faces.

        Ok thanks again! I enjoyed the sharing of thoughts. And I am very much enjoying your book! And prayers to you and your family as you continue to struggle.


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