Marriage, Suffering with hope, Together Through the Storms

An open letter to husbands of suffering wives

One flesh.  That’s what all Christian marriages are called to live out. And yet, whether it be everyday stressors or life altering trials, every marriage will face storms that will threaten that oneness. For Sarah and I, those storms have come in all shapes and sizes, but chronic illness is one that’s had a constant… Continue reading An open letter to husbands of suffering wives

Suffering with hope, Together Through the Storms

Beauty Out of Ashes

It took a young and naive 20 year old girl marrying a nearly 24 year old boy; it took 9 years of Jeff being on call 24/7; it took almost losing our firstborn at 7 weeks old; it took 13 years of a deeply painful and heartbreaking struggle with one of our children that continues… Continue reading Beauty Out of Ashes

Marriage, Together Through the Storms

Help for Quarantined Marriages

We watched through the window as news cameras swarmed and helicopters hovered above our children’s school. What in the world could be going on?! Then the email hit our inbox: “Two families in school have been asked to quarantine themselves because of possible exposure to COVID-19.” Out of all of Illinois, our hospital, our town,… Continue reading Help for Quarantined Marriages

Suffering with hope

How Can This Be For My Good?

It’s so comforting to know that God is working all things for our good, isn’t it? That is, until we realize that his idea of good is often very different than our own. We’ve all experienced this at some point. Perhaps we have prayed for something, only to receive the very opposite of what we’ve… Continue reading How Can This Be For My Good?

Suffering with hope

Quarantine Isn’t My Greatest Problem

I picked up my creamer to add to my much needed cup of coffee, gave it a shake, and watched in slow motion as my creamer flew all over the kitchen. As the realization hit me that I had already unscrewed the cap, emotions erupted that were messier than the creamer itself. Like many others… Continue reading Quarantine Isn’t My Greatest Problem

Suffering with hope

A Word of Encouragement from One Who’s Suffered Much

Friends - I know many of you are facing the scary reality of job loss, plunging savings, broken plans, sickness, and a lot of unsettling unknowns right now. I just want to offer you an encouragement. We have walked through 12 years of losing more than I ever imagined possible - in finances, jobs, family… Continue reading A Word of Encouragement from One Who’s Suffered Much

Suffering with hope

For Such a Time as This

[So grateful for the following article from Gary Thomas, author of Sacred Marriage, A Lifelong Marriage, and Cherish, who has graciously shared our story on his blog today.] A few weeks ago, a good friend of ours texted both Lisa and me to ask what was going on. She had had a terrifying dream about… Continue reading For Such a Time as This

Suffering with hope

A Prayer for the Fearful Heart

"Put your trust in the Lord." Psalm 4:5 Lord, there is so much to fear as sickness and death loom all around us. Earthly security is as stable as the air around us, and the unknowns that lie ahead are unsettling at best and paralyzing at their worst. We, your children, believe you are in… Continue reading A Prayer for the Fearful Heart

Suffering with hope

Three Things to Remember in the Disorienting Days Ahead

As we suddenly find ourselves isolated, battling worry and fear, and watching our lives come to a jarring halt, it's easy for fear, despair, and a sense of hopelessness to seep into our shrinking walls of isolation. Do we pretend that we don't feel these conflicting emotions as believers because "we know that we can… Continue reading Three Things to Remember in the Disorienting Days Ahead

Suffering with hope

A Hopelessness That Fuels Hope

After four months of a cortisone shot restoring some ability to walk, the pain in my ankle has returned and all the fears of the future have come with it. As I find myself limited yet again, waiting to see if this is temporary or what I'll be left with, I’ve been wrestling with doubts… Continue reading A Hopelessness That Fuels Hope