Hope When It Hurts, Suffering with hope

Earthly Loss, Eternal Gain


I hope you’ll listen in to day 3 of Revive Our Hearts, which I think was my favorite interview of the 3 days. We talk about the reality of deep pain and loss, earthly loss and eternal gain, and the hope of eternity.

Listen on Revive Our Hearts here. https://www.reviveourhearts.com/radio/revive-our-hearts/hope-when-it-hurts-day-3/

“Oh Lord, for years I have prayed for answers, healing, and understanding in this suffering that You have allowed, yet they’ve seemed not to come. Many have prayed to You on our behalf as we have longed for the restoration of what’s been lost. By Your grace we have persevered through trial after trial, trusting that You would uphold us and bring forth good from all of our pain, but many answers we’ve hoped for haven’t come in the ways we desire.

The world’s solutions to our pain have left us discouraged, confused, and fighting hopelessness while the trials, burdens, questions, and uncertainties remain the same.

Lord, I have longed for, cried, and pleaded for You to bring us out from under the pain and heaviness of these trials into a place of abundance. I have asked You to lift these crushing burdens and carry us through the pounding waves and raging fires that threaten to consume our hope, testimony, and lives.

However, I have slowly come to realize that in my desire for answers, I have missed something far more wonderful. You have answered my prayers, though in very different ways than I expected. You have been near, intimately working deep within our hearts as we have laid down our hopes and desires of this world.

While You have chosen not to remove the heartache and overwhelming circumstances from our lives, You have done something greater. You have brought us into a place of abundance, a place of contentment and freedom, not in the form of the relief that I have been waiting for, but in the midst of the very trials I desire to be free from.”

Continue to full transcript or to listen to the interview 

Thank you for listening and Kristen and I pray that you have been encouraged in your suffering to press on and fix your eyes on Christ.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving,

Sarah Walton

hurts_medium.62ycfe4p32lgurjshoegogequhxiqninTo read more on the hope we have in suffering, you can purchase “Hope When It Hurts – 30 Biblical Reflections to Help You Grasp God’s Purpose in Your Suffering” authored by Sarah Walton and Kristen Wetherell here or here.

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