Hope When It Hurts, Suffering with hope

Hope When It Hurts

Hope When It Hurts

Biblical reflections to help you grasp God’s purpose in your suffering

I had not finished reading the introduction to this book before I was making a mental list of friends that I knew would find it a balm to their weary hearts. Kristen and Sarah minister to fellow travelers on the road of suffering, out of the resources they have received on their own journey, from the God of all comfort, grace, and hope.Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, author; host/teacher of Revive Our Hearts 




Life hurts. We’re no strangers to this fact. It’s why we wrote this book. And not simply because life hurts, but because there’s hope even when it does.

Sarah and I have walked through, and are walking in, difficult times. So these thirty biblical reflections are full of realism about the hurts of life—yet overwhelmingly full of hope about the God who gives life.

We wrote this book for you, to point you to hope, because there’s more to our suffering than meets the eye. This book is about the God who offers hope, even joy, in suffering. It’s a journey through 2 Corinthians 4 and 5, where we see that God wants to give us hope not just beyond our hurts but in our hurts; that he wants us to see how he is able to work in and through suffering and ultimately give us himself.

We want to hear from those who have walked, and perhaps continue to walk, in dark valleys, yet have found Christ to be a light to them, the Spirit a comfort to them, the Father taking care of them. That’s what makes Kristen and Sarah such good guides for those who hurt.Nancy Guthrie, author of What Grieving People Wish You Knew and Hearing Jesus Speak into Your Sorrow; Bible teacher

With a foreword by Nancy Guthrie, Hope When It Hurts contains a biblical reflection for each chapter, along with questions, prayers, and a space for journaling.

Kristen and Sarah have suffered immensely, but both of them know that our only hope is found in Jesus. In this wonderful book, they have labored to encourage our souls with the gospel, give us space to grieve our loss, and turn to the only source of real hope.—Dave Furman, Senior Pastor of Redeemer Church of Dubai; author of Being There: How to Love Those Who are Hurting.

We pray this book greatly helps you, as you cling to the God of all hope.

Sarah (& Kristen) 

6 thoughts on “Hope When It Hurts”

  1. I just read “Gospel Hope For a Weary Mom” and now this… an hour ago I finished yet another insane tantrum from my 4 year old who for the last couple months has been exhibiting tics and extreme outbursts/tantrums (neurological and behavioral challenges?), “causing him to lash out physically and verbally, creating a tumultuous environment in our home”. Through my tears and confusion, thank you for reminding of God’s Grace even when I don’t feel like I can handle it… trying to make it through one more day…

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    1. Oh Emily, I’m so so sorry, sister. My heart aches for you. I’m so thankful that God met you with some encouragement when you needed it most and (hopefully) reminded you that you’re not alone. I hope I’m not being presumptuous to ask this, but does your son have PANDAS (just guessing because of the sudden tics and outbursts). But whatever you’re facing, I am stopping to pray for you and your family now – that Christ would give you the sustaining strength, patience, grace, and hope that you need to navigate each day. Have you read Hope When It Hurts? It’s not about our son’s issues, but I do talk about it some and offer encouragement to all kinds of suffering. Just in case you’re interested. Hang in there, sister.


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