Suffering with hope

Same Sight, New Look!

Same Site, New Look!

I can’t thank you enough for following and reading over the past few years (or maybe days)! It has been a joy and privilege to share the hope of the gospel and how it impacts every part of our lives – including our suffering.

Because I’m making some changes, I wanted to let you know that SetApart is still here, but has a different look! I’ve updated and brightened things up to make it feel a bit more hopeful and I’ve hopefully made it easier to read and navigate. Please take a few minutes and check out a few of the new additions.

New Features

~ More readable and easier navigation of posts and resources

~ Watch the story behind Hope When It Hurts

~ Listen to past interviews and conference talks

~ Link to Stories of Hope

~ Link to YouVersion 7 Day Devotional

~ And more!

Thank you for taking the time to browse and check out what’s new! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

For His glory,


6 thoughts on “Same Sight, New Look!”

    1. It’s hard to answer that question with Lyme. Most believe it never leaves your body, but you can get your immune system strong enough that your body can somewhat live in harmony with it. Kristen is doing much much better than she was and would consider herself “healed”, though she still has the effects of the damage it did to her nervous system. I am still battling quite a bit, but am definitely doing better than I was after a 9 week daily IV treatments I went through last year. I probably still have a long road (maybe for life) ahead of me, but I am thankfully much more functional than I was, so for that I’m thankful. Thanks for asking.


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