Suffering with hope

Send a Box of Hope!


When someone we love is hurting, sometimes it’s a struggle to find the right words to say and the best way to help. We want to help, but when the needs are large, the grief is heavy, or we’re far away, we can feel helpless to know how to offer comfort to those we love. This is why I’m really excited to be partnering with for the month of June. Hopebox is a Christian organization that puts together “boxes of hope” each month, filled with quality items that offer a tangible way to say, “I care and I see you”. The contents change each month, but they often include items such as handmade candles, organic treats, notecards, high quality skincare, coffee mug, tea bags, and more. This month, I’m so excited to share that the box will also include a copy of Hope When It Hurts!

Do you have someone who could use a box of hope? It isn’t only for those who are hurting (ie. it can be a great birthday gift as well!), but it is a tangible way to let someone know that you’re thinking of them, praying for them, and that you truly care. To learn more about how to send a box, you can visit Below are some of the items that are included in this months box. Feel free to comment if you have any questions!

Happy June!




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