Suffering with hope

He Will Carry Me Home – A Poem

He Will Carry Me Home

In moments of grief

Heart being shattered

He held me close

My body and mind battered.


Head in my hands

Heart feeling numb

Reached the end of myself

Where would my help come from?


The mountain looms before me

Hands and feet tied

An impossible feat

Yet he makes me tread on high.


Valleys follow

Dark, lonely, and long

Body and mind broken and weary

Yet spirit strangely strong.


Days turn to weeks

Months turn to years

Would the journey ever end

My pillow soaked with tears.


The world’s luster has dulled

Eyes fixed on but one goal

Persevere ’til the end

Emptied but full.


He’s carried me ’til now

He is able, and he alone

The road may be long

But he will carry me home.



3 thoughts on “He Will Carry Me Home – A Poem”

  1. Love this. So thankful God has given you the gift of praising him through your writing. This poem is perfect for me presently. What a Hope we have to look forward to. This Hope quiets our souls in Him as we go through each day he gives us. Oh, victory in Jesus!

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