Suffering with hope

Enduring Pain

A poem for the one enduring pain… In pain’s unwanted presence The strong are brought to their knees The luster of life grows dull Peace and comfort flees. As pain bears down The world’s colors grow gray The old self becomes a stranger As plans and dreams fade. In pain’s crushing weight The sufferer endures… Continue reading Enduring Pain

Suffering with hope

Lord, Hear the Cry of Your People

~Lord, Hear the Cry of Your People~ "Oh Lord, our hearts are heavy As sorrows abound and sufferings grow We long for a better country Where the rivers of joy unceasingly flow. Yet we live in a growing tension In the now and not yet we endure With a flesh that longs for comfort And… Continue reading Lord, Hear the Cry of Your People

Suffering with hope

“Where Are You, Lord?”

"Where are you, Lord When the darkness swallows When your silence deafens In a multitude of sorrows? ______ Where is your comfort When pain abounds When companions flee And loneliness resounds? ______ Where is your justice When the innocent are hunted When the wicked prosper And their evil is flaunted? ______ Where is your compassion… Continue reading “Where Are You, Lord?”

Suffering with hope

Lord, Make us Ready

Something struck me as I read and listened to the prayers of believers suffering in Afghanistan. There is an other-worldly peace, confidence, humility, and longing for those around the world to see that the God they serve is worthy of their all - even at the cost of everything. Contrast that with much of the… Continue reading Lord, Make us Ready

Suffering with hope

When the Night is Long

Comfort, of comfort Where have you gone? This long night of heartache Will relief ever come? Then I awoke In the darkness of night Disoriented and searching With no answers in sight. The silence was deafening But I wasn’t alone My Lord was with me His presence made known. When will the darkness end, I… Continue reading When the Night is Long

Suffering with hope

The Tapestry of Life

The colors are blurredOnly chaos we seeAs dark threads are wovenWith our heartache and grief. “Trust me,” you say“With the story that’s unfoldingThough it’s impossible to seeThe masterpiece I’m weaving.” But, Lord, your ways are mysteriousAnd your hand hard to traceThese aren’t the colors we prayed forOnly dark colors in their place. “Stop striving, my… Continue reading The Tapestry of Life

Hope When It Hurts

In the Darkness of Night, New Mercies We will Find

~In the Darkness of Night, New Mercies we will Sing~ The joy that I once knew Is swallowed up by sorrow As the darkness of night Blinds my hope for tomorrow. Weariness has taken up residence Where my strength to fight once flourished Though many are at ease all around us Our comfort and peace… Continue reading In the Darkness of Night, New Mercies We will Find

Suffering with hope

The Path of Silent Suffering

How can it be When silence is deafening In a world of noise Yet loneliness unending. Visible but unseen Present but unknown They say this story being written Must mostly be walked alone. When we’re called to live in community But face trials that seclude What a disorienting Christian dichotomy Carrying a weight that very… Continue reading The Path of Silent Suffering

Suffering with hope

He Will Carry Me Home – A Poem

He Will Carry Me Home In moments of grief Heart being shattered He held me close My body and mind battered. * Head in my hands Heart feeling numb Reached the end of myself Where would my help come from? * The mountain looms before me Hands and feet tied An impossible feat Yet he… Continue reading He Will Carry Me Home – A Poem