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The Idols are Falling In the Land of the Free

This chaos, this sense of instability, this clashing of opinions on every topic – it is all the result of the idols of our day crashing down around us. The idol of false security is now exposing where we truly put our hope and confidence. The idol of “what is right for you is right for you” is exposing itself as nothing more than what it is – rebellion, pride, and an excuse for sin. The idol of government is exposing how much we place our confidence in men (and women) more than God himself. The idol of comfort and success is exposing itself as the empty, shifting sand that it is.

In God’s mercy, he is destroying our idols and revealing them for what they are. For too long, America’s prosperity, freedoms, and opportunities (as much of a blessing as they can be) have allowed us to live in this place where Jesus is a part of our lives, but not our everything.

In God’s severe mercy, he’s shaking our foundation, he’s pruning his people, and he’s making the line between good and evil, true faith and empty religion, and truth and lies clearly drawn in the sand. And as much as it’s unsettling, fear-inducing, and uncomfortable, it’s his love for us and his heart to open the eyes of the blind and save the lost. May our idols fall.

May our false securities and hopes be exposed. May we engulf ourselves in the truth of scripture so that we will recognize what is false. May our faith roots be deepened in what is true and lasting, rather than our man-made image of God. And may this uncomfortable time in our lives and country serve to destroy our hope in anything but God himself.

Let the idols of our hearts fall and let them lead us to the One who never will.

Home is around the corner,

Sarah Walton

14 thoughts on “The Idols are Falling In the Land of the Free”

    1. Yes, I mean the idea that everyone thinks that what is right is dependent on each person. It’s the belief that there is no truth because everyone’s opinion is their own truth. That make sense?


  1. Amen Amen! May our security and hope be only in you Jesus! In You Jesus who lives!
    In you Jesus who lives forever and loves us with an eternal love!

    God bless you Sarah

    Each one of your sharing are always such a blessing

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  2. I took the liberty of reposting your post Sarah, I think that what you have indicated is much closer to the truth that many would believe. It is only after we have identified and dealt with all of the complexities and their associated complicities, in this chaos around us, that is committed by most of us, that truth is actually found. And if truth be told, we may not like what we see. Blessings.

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  3. “America’s prosperity, freedoms, and opportunities (as much of a blessing as they can be) have allowed us to live in this place where Jesus is a part of our lives, but not our everything.”

    That was an amazing observation. Gave me pause.


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