Fighting the Good Fight

The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side

This convicts me every time I see it. It’s so easy to get caught in the cycle of longing for the life we wish we had. But when we do that, we’re ultimately believing the lie that God’s plan for us isn’t a good and trustworthy plan. Sometimes we miss the good within the life we have because we are too focused on the life we desire or think we deserve.

Now, don’t mishear me. Some seasons of life are downright painful and nearly impossible to see any good in the moment. It takes conscious effort to not constantly search for a way out, even if for a moment of daydreaming ourselves elsewhere. But do we believe God is who he says he is? Do we believe he is good, regardless of whether that looks the way we think it should? Do we believe he is in control, even if we can’t understand his ways? Do we believe he is trustworthy and faithful to his promises, even when we don’t have a guarantee of better circumstances?

Our thought life determines a lot of what we feel. If we dwell on how unfair life seems, we’re more tempted toward bitterness and resentment. If we focus on how impossible things appear, we will be prone to feelings of despair and hopelessness. If we focus on what we wish life were like, we often miss the many things we have to be grateful for and can miss the many blessings God has for us right where we are.

The truth is – that life we dwell on and wish we had – it wouldn’t be nearly as perfect as we imagine. There would still be challenges, temptations, disappointments, etc, even if different in nature and intensity. Deep down, what we really long for is a better home. A place where death, disappointment, heartache, pain, and loss are no more. But you know what? The closest we will be to experiencing a piece of the home we long for is when we are nearest to Christ. And it’s the pain and disappointments of this life that often draw us into his presence. So maybe, just maybe, the life that we are tempted to run from may be the very life God knows will bring us the greatest gain of Christ – a gain far greater than the gain of better circumstances.

Home is coming. But until then, rest in the presence of Christ right where you are.

In Christ,
Sarah Walton

3 thoughts on “The Grass Isn’t Always Greener on the Other Side”

  1. Thankyou Sarah for your writing. So many times your words speak what I am feeling inside too.I am thankful for when the Lord lifts my eyes back up off of the circumstances and hard things and back on Him and His promises. So Thankyou for using a gift He has given you to write Gospel Centered writings in the midst of your own pain and trials.

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