Suffering with hope

Lord, Make us Ready

Something struck me as I read and listened to the prayers of believers suffering in Afghanistan. There is an other-worldly peace, confidence, humility, and longing for those around the world to see that the God they serve is worthy of their all – even at the cost of everything. Contrast that with much of the Western world, which is still relatively comfortable in its freedoms. Often, there is a lack of teachability and the humility to listen.

Knowledge is often valued over wisdom. Loudness often replaces discernment and slowness to speak. Popularity often replaces integrity. The desire to be known often replaces everyday faithfulness. And God is often pursued for the blessings he might give rather than to know him more, whatever the cost.

As much as we should pray for, weep with, and grieve over the atrocities happening to our brothers and sisters all over the world – in some ways we are most to be pitied. Because persecution and suffering aren’t the greatest threat to a believer – self-sufficiency is.

Are we ready to stand firm in the face of persecution when it comes? Are we ready to give up everything for the sake of following Christ?

Because when push comes to shove – our loud opinions, desire to be right, need to be praised and loved, and confidence in worldly comforts, will show themselves to be the weak facades of strength that they really are. Of course we don’t want pain, suffering, or loss to touch our lives, but in the realm of eternity, it is far worse to be blinded by comfort and self-sufficiency.

May the Lord allow what he must to make us ready – living, acting, and speaking in a way that stems from the core belief that knowing and following Christ is of greater gain than anything else this world may give.

A longing, an ache

For the world to be made right

When longing and strivings cease

And dawn breaks through the night.

A yearning, a hope

For broken things made whole

When healing is complete

Restoring body, mind, and soul.

A restlessness, a peace

In the life I’m called to live

Torn between two worlds

Until the final breath he gives.

A sorrow, a joy

For wounds that still remain

Tasting the bitter cup

Of the Savior that was slain.

A grieving, a waiting

For empty places filled

Where broken hearts are mended

And the raging storms are stilled.

A patience, a perseverance

Until all will be made right

Restored, redeemed, at rest

When faith is finally sight.

~Sarah Walton~

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