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Want to Read an Advanced Copy?

Hi Friends!

As much as I am so excitement to share what God has put on my heart to share with the hurting through this book, the promotional aspect is never my favorite. If I could just snap my fingers and people would know the resource exists, that would be amazing, but as far as I know, that hasn’t quite worked 😬. Therefore, if anyone would be interested in partnering with me in helping get the word out in the next two months before Tears and Tossings releases, I’d be so grateful!

Here are the details –

1. Pre-order at least one copy and email a snapshot of your order to to let me know how many you ordered and that you’re interested in being part of the launch team. 

2. If you order one copy, Amazon is ideal. If you pre-order 5 or more copies to give away, it’s best to order from 10ofthose (it’s only $4.50 per book if you buy under 10 and even less if you buy bulk). The link is in my bio.

3. I will email you the pdf to read now and a few graphics you can share. (FYI – it’s a shorter book so it shouldn’t take toooo long to read.)

4. Write a review on one or more sights once it publishes.

5. If you pre-order 5 or more copies, I will send you a complimentary copy after it releases! So make sure to let me know if you do.

That’s basically it! So if you have any interest in joining me, comment below and shoot me an email to let me know you’re interested. And of course, feel free to comment or email with any questions.

Thanks, friends!
With gratitude,

2 thoughts on “Want to Read an Advanced Copy?”

  1. Hi there! I always kind of felt like that, as far as asking for donations or money for missions outreach! When I approached a friend and asked her about a donation for my Daughters mission trip and then apologized, her reply has always stuck with me! She Was so kind and encouraging and said, Remember that we are not ashamed of the Gospel, so you don’t have apologize!” How dear was that Biblical reminder! I certainly know your book will contain the gospel! I’ve already pre-ordered ordered my copy! I was glad to know that I could do that!💜💜💜💜

    Teresa Moore

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