Suffering with hope

Lord, Hear the Cry of Your People

~Lord, Hear the Cry of Your People~

“Oh Lord, our hearts are heavy

As sorrows abound and sufferings grow

We long for a better country

Where the rivers of joy unceasingly flow.

Yet we live in a growing tension

In the now and not yet we endure

With a flesh that longs for comfort

And a Spirit that longs for more.

Oh Lord, your children cry in anguish

At the hands of evil men

Tears and blood cry injustice

And plead your righteous hand to defend.

We fight for hope in this weary world

As we travel the narrow path

Battling the war of sin within

And enduring the enemy’s wrath. 

Oh Lord, these cries and tears

May they not fall on deaf ears

But shake the earths foundations

And remind us you are near.

Courage, dear heart

When chaos abounds

When evil taunts and flourishes

And injustice relentlessly resounds.

The battle has been won

His Lordship will be known

The days of evil are numbered

Because our King is on the throne.”

~With enduring hope,


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