Suffering with hope

Hope for the Heavy Hearted

[Guest Contributor - Linda Green] Tears spilled down my face without warning when I got a text from a family member sharing yet another heartbreaking situation among the countless others I have grieved over the past decade. But it wasn’t just this situation that opened the gates of grief. Rather, it was the accumulation of… Continue reading Hope for the Heavy Hearted


Gospel Hope For a Weary Mom

I rose before the sun and made my coffee, desperate for time in God’s Word before the day’s chaos erupted in my home. I was emotionally weary and physically exhausted, but was determined to start my day off with what I knew I needed most - time with the Lord. So I grabbed my Bible,… Continue reading Gospel Hope For a Weary Mom

Fighting the Good Fight, Suffering with hope

Anxious? Afraid? Preach the Gospel to Yourself

I am what you call a worry wart. I have been all of my life and it continues to be one of the greatest battles that I wage daily in my walk with Christ. I have given Him my life, but I often have a disconnect with truly trusting Him with my daily worries and… Continue reading Anxious? Afraid? Preach the Gospel to Yourself