Suffering with hope

Peace in Acceptance

Peace and joy begin with acceptance.  It’s a phrase that God has often brought to mind during the past decade of near constant trials in our family. Between a daily battle with chronic illness, a debilitating injury, suffering children, financial woes, and the strain of caring for a loved one with mental illness, God’s been… Continue reading Peace in Acceptance

Suffering with hope

The Path From Distress to Rest

Believe it or not, I've always been an emotional "stuffer". I don't naturally process difficult emotions well and too often respond to distressed emotions with the "put your head down and just keep going" routine until I crash and burn. Over the years, God has gradually grown me in this area, but it remains a… Continue reading The Path From Distress to Rest

Fighting the Good Fight, Treasures Found in the Trials of Life

Finding Peace in a World of Turmoil

Imagine a state of perfect peace. What do you picture? For me, I imagine retreating alone to the ocean, looking out into the vastness, beauty, and power of its waters. The air is comfortable with a warm and gentle breeze with no distractions other than the chatter of seagulls and the rhythmic beat of the crashing… Continue reading Finding Peace in a World of Turmoil

Fighting the Good Fight, Suffering with hope

Anxious? Afraid? Preach the Gospel to Yourself

I am what you call a worry wart. I have been all of my life and it continues to be one of the greatest battles that I wage daily in my walk with Christ. I have given Him my life, but I often have a disconnect with truly trusting Him with my daily worries and… Continue reading Anxious? Afraid? Preach the Gospel to Yourself