Suffering with hope

The Tapestry of Life

The colors are blurred
Only chaos we see
As dark threads are woven
With our heartache and grief.

“Trust me,” you say
“With the story that’s unfolding
Though it’s impossible to see
The masterpiece I’m weaving.”

But, Lord, your ways are mysterious
And your hand hard to trace
These aren’t the colors we prayed for
Only dark colors in their place.

“Stop striving, my child
To make sense of what you see
Trust the hand of the Weaver
For faithful I will be.

Behind the choas of this tapestry
There’s more than meets the eye
You don’t need to know the answers
Only in me you must abide.

One day you will see
My love in every thread
Purposeful and perfect
Each moment that I’ve led.

The day will surely come
When you’ll see the beautifully woven story
In awe and joy you’ll see
A tapestry of my glory.”


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