Suffering with hope

Enduring Pain

A poem for the one enduring pain…

In pain’s unwanted presence

The strong are brought to their knees

The luster of life grows dull

Peace and comfort flees.

As pain bears down

The world’s colors grow gray

The old self becomes a stranger

As plans and dreams fade.

In pain’s crushing weight

The sufferer endures in silence

Many companions become few

We long for the life we once knew.

Pain’s lasting mark

Scarring body, mind, and soul

Tossed between grief and acceptance

Remembering the life it ruthlessly stole.

But fight we must

To not let pain define

But trust that the Spirit’s at work

To chisel and refine.

Courage, dear heart

For your cries of pain are heard

He’ll sing hope and comfort over you

Until healing has the final word.

~Sarah Walton~

7 thoughts on “Enduring Pain”

  1. Another poem rich in perspective and theology. Life without hope is so painful and leaves one without a sense of any purpose. Hope the Lord offers gives us a clearer view into His providence which is always for our eternal good. We must be reminded and refreshed every day through God’s Word and in the gift of prayer. Thanks for being vulnerable to share your journey.

  2. Thank you for this Sarah!
    It couldn’t have come at a better time. I have MS and the nerve ending pain I experience is now unmanageable and I have had to make the decision to increase my morphine and other opiates…the balance being hard now as quality of life during the day is now more limited due to morphine! But throughout the Lord remains steadfast and full of mercy, promising to carry us safely in His arms when walking is almost impossible..
    Thank you….Beth 🙏🐝

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