Suffering with hope

Faith in Uncertainty and Courage in Chaos

Yesterday was HARD. We had a difficult family situation that was like a fresh wound being ripped open again and e-learning just about put me in my grave. But I woke up this morning and sat with my Bible open feeling somewhat paralyzed…and looked out the window. I was met with the beauty of yet another sunrise. And I was reminded once again that God reigns. He reigns over the rising and setting of the sun…and everything in between.

Then as I began to read my Bible study, I was led to Daniel. Despite an edict to kill anyone who worshipped God, Daniel immediately got on his knees and did just that – with windows open and visible to all who would likely turn him in. He had legitimate reasons to despair and he had legitimate reasons to fear. And what did he do in the face of both? He confidently trusted the God who reigned above kings, kingdoms, captivity, and death. That is the courage and faith of one who trusts God with every fiber of his being.

I’ve been challenged by Daniel today. There are some legitimate circumstances that I have no idea how to proceed forward in…and a lot is on the line. I have legitimate things to fear and no idea how it will all pan out. And the longer we wait – the more the pain and damage grow.

So I have a choice. We all have a choice. Run, hide, distract ourselves, and be crippled by fear, or get on our knees in dependence and faith that God remains in control of the chaos. He doesn’t promise us that the lions in the lion’s den won’t touch us, but he does promise to equip us, strengthen us, and glorify himself through the impossible.

Stress abounds for most of us right now. Losses are fresh, fears are many, and uncertainties abound. But, as believers, we serve the One who reigns over it all. And all he asks of us is to be on our knees in prayer, dependence, and faith. So let’s embrace today with courage and confident faith – not in ourselves or our desired outcome, but in God himself. He is the only true Rock, Refuge, and Hope of this world.

In His Strength,


You can read more about hope and encouragement in our trials in Sarah and Kristen’s book, Hope When It Hurts or Jeff and Sarah Walton’s book, Together Through the Storms – Biblical Encouragements for Your Marriage When Life Hurts (spring 2020) here or on Amazon. To hear more of their story, you can watch the book trailer here-

3 thoughts on “Faith in Uncertainty and Courage in Chaos”

  1. As always, a great encouragement, Sarah. I especially love how you said…

    “…but he does promise to equip us, strengthen us, and glorify himself through the impossible.”
    “…courage and confident faith…not in ourselves or our desired outcome, but in God himself.”

    I’m jotting those sections down in my journal today. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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  2. Thank you for encouraging me today. Each morning that breaks, there are mercies anew! God is sovereign in all things!! Everything He has planned, is right on schedule. We have nothing to fear.


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