Suffering with hope

The Path of Silent Suffering

How can it be

When silence is deafening

In a world of noise

Yet loneliness unending.

Visible but unseen

Present but unknown

They say this story being written

Must mostly be walked alone.

When we’re called to live in community

But face trials that seclude

What a disorienting Christian dichotomy

Carrying a weight that very few knew.

Yet this path we travel alone

Has been traveled by One before

Unseen, misunderstood, and rejected

Our sorrow and pain he bore.

What may be unseen by many

Is fully seen by the One above

Although living in the presence of many

Fully known by the One whose name is Love. 

This lonely road, though painful

Contains treasures along the way

Unable to be seen from the mountain top

Only to be seen in the darkness of the valley. 

Maybe this is the path

Where the old self goes to die

Where we fall at the foot of the cross

And in Christ we learn to abide.

On this path where joy and sorrow meet

We may be lonely but never alone

On this journey from death to life

Unseen by many but to Christ fully known.

Press on, dear friend

When tears are many and the sorrows have grown

For each breath takes us one step closer

To our Savior leading us home.

One moment at a time,


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  1. All the attributes and characteristics the Lord wants to cultivate in our lives is usually activated and drawn out of our deepest, darkest sorrow 🙁 we learn best during these times

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