Suffering with hope

Sitting in Her Pain – Resting in His Grace

“We have a follow up appt to talk to the doctor about next steps for you,” I said to my daughter. Suddenly, she erupted into tears. “I thought if I took these meds like the doc said, then I’d be better and finally get to feel normal like all my other friends,” she cried! My… Continue reading Sitting in Her Pain – Resting in His Grace

Suffering with hope

When Our Children Hurt – Hope for the Parent Grieving Their Child’s Pain

Trials and suffering in our lives can be anything from stretching to down right devastating. However, I think most people would probably agree that as painful as it is to endure suffering in our own lives, it can be even more painful to watch our children suffer. But in this world, suffer they will. Whether… Continue reading When Our Children Hurt – Hope for the Parent Grieving Their Child’s Pain

Suffering with hope

Two Anchors for the Storms of Life

I gave birth to my son with two anchors drawn on my feet.  As my pregnant belly grew, so did my fear. This was my fourth baby, so I’d already read all the books and websites. I knew the practical realities of preparing to deliver a baby. I packed a bag. I made a birth… Continue reading Two Anchors for the Storms of Life

Suffering with hope

Learning Contentment in Unwanted Places

The walls felt like they were closing in around me. The air in the room grew heavy, and each breath I took stole every last ounce of my energy. With puffy eyes, a weary body, and an aching heart, I was desperate for an escape. Escape from a broken world, escape from a broken body,… Continue reading Learning Contentment in Unwanted Places

Suffering with hope

“Where Are You, Lord?”

"Where are you, Lord When the darkness swallows When your silence deafens In a multitude of sorrows? ______ Where is your comfort When pain abounds When companions flee And loneliness resounds? ______ Where is your justice When the innocent are hunted When the wicked prosper And their evil is flaunted? ______ Where is your compassion… Continue reading “Where Are You, Lord?”

Suffering with hope

When the Path is Dark – Remember

Disoriented. Numb. Somber. There are few words to describe where my heart has been lately. I feel inadequate to describe all the reasons why or how I have gotten to this place but, even if was able, the circumstances aren’t the point. The point is that even as Christians, we can face feelings of despair.… Continue reading When the Path is Dark – Remember

Suffering with hope

Lyme Disease and the Imagery of Sin

It’s been twenty years since my health began to decline for unknown reasons and it’s been six years since I first heard the words “Chronic Lyme Disease” (or for you science folk, Borrelia Burgdorferi that’s taken up residence long enough to impact countless systems in the body and become resistant to treatment). Like many others,… Continue reading Lyme Disease and the Imagery of Sin

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Trust His Grace for Today

Pain comes with vengeance, no matter what's on the to do list or what plans were on the schedule. Whether it's physical, mental, or emotional, it can consume us, paralyze us, and rob us of all we expected life to be. Even if we have many other blessings, pain can taint reality and tempt us… Continue reading Trust His Grace for Today

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An open letter to husbands of suffering wives

One flesh.  That’s what all Christian marriages are called to live out. And yet, whether it be everyday stressors or life altering trials, every marriage will face storms that will threaten that oneness. For Sarah and I, those storms have come in all shapes and sizes, but chronic illness is one that’s had a constant… Continue reading An open letter to husbands of suffering wives

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Loving Our Spouse Through Suffering

“Lord, I pray you will do a physical miracle in my wife, but if you choose not to, then work a spiritual miracle in me so that I can love her well until the end.” These were the words of Dr. Robertson McQuilkin, shortly after receiving his wife’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. His response pierced my heart… Continue reading Loving Our Spouse Through Suffering