Hope When It Hurts

In the Darkness of Night, New Mercies We will Find

~In the Darkness of Night, New Mercies we will Sing~

The joy that I once knew

Is swallowed up by sorrow

As the darkness of night

Blinds my hope for tomorrow.

Weariness has taken up residence

Where my strength to fight once flourished

Though many are at ease all around us

Our comfort and peace have vanished.

Oh Lord, you say that you see

The tears of your sons and daughters

Carrying the heavy laden

Bearing all their sorrows.

To whom else can we run

When the weight of the world crashes ‘round

To what else can we cling

But your promises to be found.

You’re the Father who gives manna

And parts the raging seas

Binding up the brokenhearted

Giving strength to feeble knees.

You’re with us in the waiting

When confusion and pain abound

Where earthly hopes have faded

Only the sweetness of your presence to be found.

May the light of your goodness

Burst through the darkness

Giving strength to the weary

And hope to the hopeless.

Though the night may be long

Our broken selves we will bring

Trusting the day is coming

When new mercies we will sing.


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