Suffering with hope

Comfort In The Dark

Some days my daughter's eyes visibly widen and her brow furrows as she searches my face to learn the answer to her pressing question. I can feel it coming before the words leave her mouth: “Are you ok mum?” she quizzes me, her face just centimetres from my own. “Do you need to go to… Continue reading Comfort In The Dark

Suffering with hope

When the Night is Long

Comfort, of comfort Where have you gone? This long night of heartache Will relief ever come? Then I awoke In the darkness of night Disoriented and searching With no answers in sight. The silence was deafening But I wasn’t alone My Lord was with me His presence made known. When will the darkness end, I… Continue reading When the Night is Long

Hope When It Hurts

In the Darkness of Night, New Mercies We will Find

~In the Darkness of Night, New Mercies we will Sing~ The joy that I once knew Is swallowed up by sorrow As the darkness of night Blinds my hope for tomorrow. Weariness has taken up residence Where my strength to fight once flourished Though many are at ease all around us Our comfort and peace… Continue reading In the Darkness of Night, New Mercies We will Find