Suffering with hope

When the Night is Long

Comfort, of comfort

Where have you gone?

This long night of heartache

Will relief ever come?

Then I awoke

In the darkness of night

Disoriented and searching

With no answers in sight.

The silence was deafening

But I wasn’t alone

My Lord was with me

His presence made known.

When will the darkness end, I cried.

How is this your love?

I’ve pleaded for your rescue

Yet there’s only silence from above.

Oh, my child

My love has been here all along

Leading you through the darkness

To the home where you belong.

You see, I empty your hands to fill them

And I take what’s good to give what’s best

I allow what I hate to accomplish what I love*

And I give only trials that will lead you to my rest.

But my love is of One who’s walked it first

Enduring the darkness to defeat the night

Carrying your sin to set you free

Experiencing death to give you life.

The comfort you seek

Has been here all along

I am your light in the darkness

And I will turn your sorrow into song.

Hold fast, my child

When the night feels long

I will carry you through

Until the light of day will dawn.

~Sarah Walton

*Line quoted from Elizabeth Elliot

5 thoughts on “When the Night is Long”

  1. So glad you are posting in poetry form too. The thoughts are encouraging and beautifully expressed. May the Lord continue to sustain you directly and through his saints.

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  2. Beautiful and thought provoking raising the internal question “do I really trust when in those dark moments?” Love the focus on the Lord’s external and internal working in our lives. Keep sharing your heart-lead moments.

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