Suffering with hope

Peace in Acceptance

Peace and joy begin with acceptance.  It’s a phrase that God has often brought to mind during the past decade of near constant trials in our family. Between a daily battle with chronic illness, a debilitating injury, suffering children, financial woes, and the strain of caring for a loved one with mental illness, God’s been… Continue reading Peace in Acceptance

Suffering with hope, Treasures Found in the Trials of Life

Restore to Me The Joy of My Salvation

My husband and I recently sat in on a meeting to discuss the options, challenges, and hurdles of our child’s special needs. As we sat surrounded by several specialists, listening to them list the problems at hand, a lump began to grow in the back of my throat in an attempt to fight back the tears… Continue reading Restore to Me The Joy of My Salvation

Fighting the Good Fight, Treasures Found in the Trials of Life

Live As You Are Called

I admit, I have felt discouraged lately in my pursuit of health. After being told by my doctor that after two or three months of a porridge only diet, my stomach would hopefully be healed enough to begin eat normally again, I am still unable to tolerate food. While I am confident that this journey… Continue reading Live As You Are Called