Suffering with hope

Sustained in the Fire – A Miracle of Grace

“I’m thankful God that has sustained me, but sometimes I don’t want to just be sustained, I want to be delivered," I confessed to my husband. It’s difficult to admit such thoughts because as a Christian, I know that God is working in my trials and I do believe he has a purpose. But there… Continue reading Sustained in the Fire – A Miracle of Grace

Lyme Disease, Suffering with hope

Trust His Grace for Today

Pain comes with vengeance, no matter what's on the to do list or what plans were on the schedule. Whether it's physical, mental, or emotional, it can consume us, paralyze us, and rob us of all we expected life to be. Even if we have many other blessings, pain can taint reality and tempt us… Continue reading Trust His Grace for Today

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Weak Moms, Strong God (Desiring God)

Mother's Day has come once again. For some, it's a day filled with the precious gifts of dandelions and a handmade cards scribbled with "I luv you". For others, it's a day that stirs up a fresh sense of grief over infertility, the loss of a child, or the loss of a mother.  For me,… Continue reading Weak Moms, Strong God (Desiring God)