Suffering with hope

The Story isn’t Finished

This is a personal one for me. One I don't share much of, but I know many are quietly suffering in this way, so here it goes - Most of my fifteen years of motherhood have been spent sitting outside or inside my precious child's room, trying to protect him by keeping him (and I)… Continue reading The Story isn’t Finished

Suffering with hope

When the Path is Dark – Remember

Disoriented. Numb. Somber. There are few words to describe where my heart has been lately. I feel inadequate to describe all the reasons why or how I have gotten to this place but, even if was able, the circumstances aren’t the point. The point is that even as Christians, we can face feelings of despair.… Continue reading When the Path is Dark – Remember

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The God Who Sees

I was determined to make it to bible study that morning. Every time Wednesday rolled around, it was inevitable that world war III would erupt in our home, making it nearly impossible to even get dressed, let alone make it to bible study on time. But that morning I woke up with resolve, determined to… Continue reading The God Who Sees

Suffering with hope

Seeing the Unseen – Hope for Families Living With Unseen Special Needs

I stirred uncomfortably in my seat, struggling to accept the reality that this chair had my name on it for a reason. I sat there quietly and listened as the group went around sharing their personal journey of special needs. One family shared about their sweet boy living with a genetic disorder, bound to a… Continue reading Seeing the Unseen – Hope for Families Living With Unseen Special Needs

Suffering with hope

A Hopelessness that Fuels Hope

After four months of a cortisone shot restoring some ability to walk, the pain in my ankle had returned and all the fears of the future came with it. As I found myself limited yet again, waiting to see if it was temporary or what I would be left with, I wrestled with doubts and… Continue reading A Hopelessness that Fuels Hope

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When Suffering Falls on Our Children (and Parenting)

My dear friend sat across from me at our kitchen table. Despite the sun illuminating the room, a heaviness had settled upon both of us. Though our stories differed, similar threads wove our hearts together — threads of grief, loss, waiting, and hope in something beyond our pain. Only eight months prior, we shared in… Continue reading When Suffering Falls on Our Children (and Parenting)

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Journeywomen Podcast – Hope When It Hurts, Ep.73

If you didn't get a chance to listen to the Journeywomen Podcast, I hope you'll check it out. Below you'll find the details of what we talked about and a link to listen in. Thanks for listening! ~~~ Link to Interview HERE On today’s episode of the Journeywomen podcast, I’m chatting with Sarah Walton on… Continue reading Journeywomen Podcast – Hope When It Hurts, Ep.73

Suffering with hope

The Comfort of Christ

I sat quietly, listening as each family went around and shared stories about their lives. Children with Autism, Down Syndrome, ADHD, paralysis, behavioral disorders and undiagnosed but devastating symptoms. Each family had a story — a heartbreaking, but beautiful, story. I tried to give my full attention to each speaker, since this was our first… Continue reading The Comfort of Christ

Suffering with hope

Why Trials Aren’t the Only Cause of Our Pain

A few weeks before last Easter, something snapped in me and let me assure you, it wasn't pretty. I walked out of my son's room after a long, exhausting struggle with him, scared by the anger and impatience that his special needs had suddenly provoked in me. It's impossible to explain all that brought me… Continue reading Why Trials Aren’t the Only Cause of Our Pain

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To Parents With Special Needs

This is for the family whose life is not as they expected it would be. It’s for the family: who may seem normal from the outside, but on the inside is hurting, lonely, exhausted, confused, stressed, and unsure of the future. who lives on eggshells in their home, trying their best to parent a child… Continue reading To Parents With Special Needs