Suffering with hope

“Where Are You, Lord?”

“Where are you, Lord

When the darkness swallows

When your silence deafens

In a multitude of sorrows?


Where is your comfort

When pain abounds

When companions flee

And loneliness resounds?


Where is your justice

When the innocent are hunted

When the wicked prosper

And their evil is flaunted?


Where is your compassion

When a heart can bear no more

When weariness overwhelms

And it’s too much to endure?


And He answered…


Where were you, my child

When all the earth was made

When I breathed the breath of life

And the boundaries were laid?


Were were you, my child

When mankind disobeyed

Rejecting my love

And choosing their own way?


Where were you, my child

When I walked the face of the earth

When I left the comforts of heaven

And entered the nakedness of birth?


Where were you, my child

When I felt the sting of pain and loss

When I endured the greatest injustice

And hung beaten upon a cross?


Where were you, my child

When I bore your sin upon me

When I was crushed by grief and sorrow

And gave my life to set you free?


Where were you, my child

When my closest friends denied me

When my Father turned his face away

And His wrath was all I could see?


My child, you may not have been there

But it was for you that I endured

Knowing your sins would be many

But your salvation would be secured.


Darkness, pain, and injustice

I’ve known them all too well

Though you must suffer for a while

You’ll not taste the bitter cup of hell.


So remember…


In the darkness I am your light

In my silence I’m still your strength

In your confusion I’m your constant

And in control of its intensity and length.


In your injustice I will judge 

In your sorrows I will weep

In your loneliness I will draw near

And my promises I will keep.


When my ways are mysterious

And your grieved by pain and loss

Fix your eyes upon my proven love

That was displayed upon the cross.”


~Sarah Walton~

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