Suffering with hope

The Path From Distress to Rest

Believe it or not, I've always been an emotional "stuffer". I don't naturally process difficult emotions well and too often respond to distressed emotions with the "put your head down and just keep going" routine until I crash and burn. Over the years, God has gradually grown me in this area, but it remains a… Continue reading The Path From Distress to Rest

Suffering with hope

Facing the Impossible

We were desperate. How could we go on like this - standing before a metaphorical mountain that seems impossible to scale on our own? We prayed. We pleaded. We endured. We waited. Then God did something miraculous and brought what seemed to be the answer we desperately needed. Although that answer would bring a different… Continue reading Facing the Impossible

Suffering with hope

The Tapestry of Life

The colors are blurredOnly chaos we seeAs dark threads are wovenWith our heartache and grief. “Trust me,” you say“With the story that’s unfoldingThough it’s impossible to seeThe masterpiece I’m weaving.” But, Lord, your ways are mysteriousAnd your hand hard to traceThese aren’t the colors we prayed forOnly dark colors in their place. “Stop striving, my… Continue reading The Tapestry of Life

Suffering with hope

Is It Wrong For a Christian to Despair?

Do you ever feel weary of waiting, weary of fighting for joy, and weary of hoping for better days? Do you push down feelings of despair and hopelessness because you don't think a Christian is allowed to struggle with such "faithless" feelings? Well, let me assure you - you aren't alone. If I'm honest, a… Continue reading Is It Wrong For a Christian to Despair?

Suffering with hope

When the Path is Dark – Remember

Disoriented. Numb. Somber. There are few words to describe where my heart has been lately. I feel inadequate to describe all the reasons why or how I have gotten to this place but, even if was able, the circumstances aren’t the point. The point is that even as Christians, we can face feelings of despair.… Continue reading When the Path is Dark – Remember

Suffering with hope

The Path of Silent Suffering

How can it be When silence is deafening In a world of noise Yet loneliness unending. Visible but unseen Present but unknown They say this story being written Must mostly be walked alone. When we’re called to live in community But face trials that seclude What a disorienting Christian dichotomy Carrying a weight that very… Continue reading The Path of Silent Suffering

Suffering with hope

The Day He Redeemed My Life From the Pit

Everything in me wanted to escape. I squeezed my eyes, hoping I’d awake and find this to be nothing more than a nightmare. But a knock at the door jolted me into reality. It was a nightmare, but one I was actually living. The nurse walked in and did her check to make sure I… Continue reading The Day He Redeemed My Life From the Pit

Suffering with hope

Raging Storms and a “Sleeping” Savior

Life is filled with storms - some that blow in and blow out, without leaving a trace, some that are fairly harmless, but seem to have no end, and some that knock us off our feet and level everything in their path. Whatever the length or intensity may be, storms will come in all shape… Continue reading Raging Storms and a “Sleeping” Savior

Parenting, Suffering with hope

Frozen in Grief: The Pain of Ambiguous Loss

As we drove away from what felt like the millionth doctor’s appointment for our son, the new prescriptions and prospective treatments felt more like a setup for disappointment than a prospect of future hope. After more than a decade of doctors, evaluations, treatments, diets, and therapies, somehow it always feels like we’re right back where… Continue reading Frozen in Grief: The Pain of Ambiguous Loss

Suffering with hope

Seeing the Unseen – Hope for Families Living With Unseen Special Needs

I stirred uncomfortably in my seat, struggling to accept the reality that this chair had my name on it for a reason. I sat there quietly and listened as the group went around sharing their personal journey of special needs. One family shared about their sweet boy living with a genetic disorder, bound to a… Continue reading Seeing the Unseen – Hope for Families Living With Unseen Special Needs